NitroTherm® Vacuum Purged Nitriding Furnaces

Vacuum Purged Gas Nitriding (VPGN)

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The Vacuum Purged Gas Nitriding Furnace offers Higher Flexibility and More Productivity for Gas Nitriding:

Nitriding and nitro-carburizing are thermochemical treatment of the surface layers. Tribological properties – which include abrasion, adhesion and surface fatigue, mechanical properties such as endurance limit – and improved resistance to corrosion is increased. These methods are used for machine parts and gears, tools, molds, dies, etc. They are also widely used when it is not possible to make a grinding operation or if only a small distortion is allowed.

In a vacuum purged gas nitriding furnace, pressure temperature and process gas composition can be controlled at any stage of the process to achieve expected nitrides and diffusion depth.





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