High Pressure Gas Quenching

ALD offers high pressure gas quenching (HPGQ) capabilities for deployment in all of our equipment. We provide pressures from 2 to 20 bar as required by the user. Naturally quench media (gas) is a consideration in choosing gas quench and this is typically not just a users choice, but a critical demand of the materials being processed. The Jominy Curves (see left) provide a means to estimate your critical needs.

High Pressure Gas Quenching – Distortion Control

Not all high pressure gas quench systems are the same and pressure is only one part of the calculation in developing a gas quenching system. To control distortion and minimize or eliminate post heat treat machining, your gas quench system must:

  • Provide alternating (reversable) gas flow capability with flow equality in each direction.
  • Provide homogenous gas flow, regardless of direction
  • Vary wind speed
  • Be capable of interrupting the quench sequence, holding a given temperature to enable the load temperature to equalize before continuing.
  • Use the most efficient gases
  • Vary gas pressures
  • Not be encumbered by non-quench specific equipment

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