Vacuum Carburizing with Acetylene

LPC or Vacuum Carburizing

ALD provides the worlds most comprehensive technology in Vacuum Carburizing. Our proven methods and equipment configurations provide pristine results due in large part to the absence of all contaminants in the process sequence.

Vacuum carburizing benefits include:

  • Precise process repeatability via simulation programs and automated controls.
  • Manufacturing integration friendly equipment.
  • Ergonomically superior to atmosphere based processing
  • Faster processing is possible at higher temperatures and due to the higher carbon content at the part surface during processing.
  • Fully automated processes provide uniform results from load to load.
  • Lower energy consumption due in part to the ability to shut down when not required.
  • Significantly “greener” process. On the order of 300:1 ratio for carbon output of atmosphere processing to vacuum processing


More reasons are found everyday for vacuum carburizing in place of atmosphere based processes.

  • More uniform case depth
  • Zero surface oxidation (inter-granular oxidation or IGO)
  • Improved fatigue resistance
  • Faster processing possibilities
  • Significant reduction in process gas consumption
  • Significant reduction in emissions
  • No open flames or flame screens required
  • Part distortion control helps eliminate post heat treat operations


Now, even large transmission components are vacuum carburized using acetylene. See our recent technical paper on the topic. It can be found at our downloads page.


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