Integrated Vacuum Furnace Automation

SyncroTherm® Vacuum Furnace

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SyncroTherm® from ALD Vacuum Systems Inc. enables the complete integration of vacuum heat treatment into the manufacturing work center. With this integrated vacuum furnace automation, vacuum heat treating (including case hardening) requirements can be fully synchronized with the timing of soft-machining, therefore allowing a continuous “One-Piece Flow” . Or the SyncroTherm® can be operated as a rapid processing small batch type system. The unique and patented designs of SyncroTherm® dramatically accelerate processing speed so the process matches the cycle-time of soft-machining. Instead of big batches with multiple layers, the components are heat treated in one layer only. These so called “2D-batches” guarantee a rapid and very homogenous heat treatment for all heat treatment steps such as austenitizing, neutral hardening, low pressure carburizing (LPC) and high pressure gas quenching. This homogenous treatment guarantees optimum reproducibility of the heat treat quality. See this integrated vacuum furnace automation in action below or learn more about the SyncroTherm® advantage outlined here.

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