• April 2018:

    SyncroTherm® Passes 100,000 Cycles.
    ALD commissioned the first few SyncroTherm systems in late 2013 and early 2014. These first installations have been operating in 24/7 production since that time. ALD is proud to report that these systems are now approaching and/or passing the milestone of 100,000 cycles each. Read More.

  • June 2017:

    ALD Receives First Order for NitroTherms® for the North American Automotive Drivetrain Market
    ALD Vacuum Systems, Inc., Wixom, MI, has received a purchase order for two (2) NitroTherm® Vacuum Purged Gas Nitriding furnaces for deployment into the North American automotive drivetrain market. Read more.

  • April 2017:

    ALD Receives Contract for Third SyncroTherm® System Slated For The North American Aerospace Industry
    ALD Vacuum Systems, Inc., Wixom, MI, has received a purchase order from a North American based aerospace manufacturer for a SyncroTherm brand, fully-integrated vacuum heat treating system. Read more.

  • September 2016:

    ALD Introduces the NitroTherm® Line of Vacuum Nitriding Furnace Systems
    ALD Vacuum Systems is pleased to introduce the NitroTherm® line of vacuum nitriding furnace systems.

  • February 2016:

    ALD-Holcroft acquired by ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH forming ALD Vacuum Systems, Inc.
    ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH is pleased to announce the aquisition of the remaining 50% share of their joint venture company, ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Technologies Co., Inc..

  • April 2015:

    Woodward selects SyncroTherm for new facility.
    ALD has entered into an agreement with Woodward, Inc.headquartered in Fort Collins, CO to provide a fully-integrated SyncroTherm vacuum heat treating system which will perform austenitizing, vacuum brazing, gas quenching, cryogenic treating and tempering operations.

  • May 2014:

    Vacuum carburizing symposium a success.
    With nearly 100 people in attendence the 8th vacuum carburizing symposium was a true success.

  • November 2013:

    ALD-Holcroft sets the date for the 2014 Vacuum Carburizing Symposium; May 6th and 7th, 2014.

  • April 2013:

    Two (2) SycnroTherm® vacuum furnace systems sold into the US Tool market for hardening of reciprocating saw blades.

  • March 2013:

    ALD-Holcroft announces Sales Representative addition for Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas. See link.

  • March 2013:

    ModulTherm® system launch at Midwest automotive drivetrain manufacturer. Commissioning of the first of three systems was recently completed. See link.

  • May 2012:

    Symposium was a success.
    The ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Carburizing Symposium was a resounding success with an excess of 150 attendees representing more than 80 different companies. An evening at the ALD Thermal Treatment facility in Port Huron, Michigan was flanked by Two days of technical sessions covering the science of Vacuum Carburizing. This event certainly reaffirms the specific market interest in Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing in more than just high volume serial production. ALD-Holcroft has tentative plans to offer this event again in 2014 pending adequate market conditions.

  • February 2012:

    Vacuum Carburizing Symposium is Announced.
    ALD-Holcroft has announced the 7th Vacuum Carburizing Symposium will be held on May 22nd and 23rd. This time the venue will be at Michigan State University, Management Eductation Center in Troy, Michigan. Link here for the full press release.

  • July 2011:

    New Technology Partnership with dibalog announced.
    ALD-Holcroft has announced the establishment of a newly formed technology relationship with the leading energy management company dibalog USA Inc. of Simpsonville, SC and parent company dibalog GmbH of Heidelberg, Germany.

  • July 2011:

    Breakthrough innovation: SyncroTherm®.
    ALD-Holcroft introduces one-piece-flow vacuum heat treatment in the NAFTA region: Revolutionary new method for manufacturing. Total integration of heat treatment into the manufacturing work center results in dramatic cost reductions of component manufacturing. The components are transported individually from each working step to the next working step following a “One Piece flow” philosophy. A continuous product flow is generated between soft machining, vacuum heat treatment and hard machining. The result: the optimal synchronization of the manufacturing production line with the optimal method of heat treatment.

  • June 2011:

    ModulTherm® chosen again by midwest automobile transmission manufacturer.
    Multiple ModulTherm® systems have been ordered again by the same midwest transmission manufacturer that had ordered in March of this year. Again, these systems are equipped with Dynamic Helium Quench, Convection Heating and complete automation from wash to temper. The systems are scheduled for operation in support of the 2013 model year.

  • March 2011:

    Midwest based automobile transmission manufacturer selects ModulTherm®.
    A multi-chamber ModulTherm® system was ordered complete with Dynamic Helium Quench, Convection Heating and complete automation from wash to temper. The system is scheduled for installation in early 2012.

  • August 2010:

    ALD Acquires ownship stake in Dynatech.
    As part of its long term strategy to expand its presence and manufacturing in emerging markets ALD Vacuum Technologies, Hanau, Germany, has taken a 30 % stake of Dynatech Furnace Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India. Dynatech has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of heat treatment furnaces, especially vacuum based technology. With its products Dynactech is serving fast growing markets in India like tool-steel, automotive, aerospace and nuclear industry. The company is mainly producing single chamber vacuum furnaces for annealing, hardening, brazing and sintering. Besides vacuum technology, Dynatech is also manufacturing atmosphere furnaces for non-steel applications.

    The investment in Dynatech enables ALD to produce its leading-edge MonoTherm furnace technology, based on single vacuum chamber furnaces, by using Dynatechs cost competitive production ressources in Mumbai, India. Moreover, it allows ALD to serve the fast growing Indian market with other furnace product lines like DualTherm or ModulTherm by providing local engineering and service support, which is a key factor to be successful. The acquisition plan provides that ALD will stepwise increase its ownership to take over 100 % stakes by the end of 2015.

  • January 2010:

    ALD-Holcroft Increases Sales Representative Network
    ALD-Hoclroft is pleased to announce the addition of two new sales representatives in North America. MetalPro Resources of West Chester, Ohio will be covering all of Ohio and the western portion of Pennsylvania. The Main contact is Jim Senne. Jim can be reached at 513-543-2450 or via email at Torrid Enterprises will cover Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshir, Rhode Island and Vermont. David Burke is the primary contact for Torrid. He can be reached at 978-779-0317 or via email at Both David and Jim bring solid histories in the Heat Treat Equipment and Heat Treating industries.

  • November 2009:

    Volkswagen-Skoda chooses ModulTherm
    Volkswagen Group has chosen state-of-the-art heat treatment technology from ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH for a new manual transmission in its Skoda plant in the Czech Republic. All gears and shafts for this transmission are case-hardened in the latest generation ModulTherm® furnace system. Low-pressure carburizing and helium based high pressure gas quenching are used due to the applied material for the gears. Modular design and easy expandability were important factors in decision-making for this heat treatment technology. In addition to the fully automated ModulTherm® line the first stage scope of supply includes pre-oxidizing and tempering capabilities sufficient already for the final stage. The installations second stage doubles production capacity. Production start for the new manual transmission is scheduled for March 2011.

  • August 2009:

    ALD-Holcroft Upgrades ISO Certification
    ALD-Holcroft, is pleased to announce its approval for the latest revision of the ISO 9001 standard – ISO 9001:2008 – the world’s most widely used Quality Management System (QMS) benchmark. The international certification body through NSF International Strategic Registrations has conducted an intensive audit of the processes and procedures in place at ALD-Holcroft headquarters to verify compliance to the ISO standard. ALD-Holcroft has held continuous ISO 9001 certification since August 2006.

  • May 2009:

    Introducing MonoTherm:
    ALD Holcroft is introducing the MonoTherm to the NAFTA region. The MonoTherm is well known in the rest of the world through ALD Vacuum Technologies of Hanau, Germany. This “kit” style furnace is a single chamber vacuum furnace capable of directional cooling, 360° cooling, convection heating, LPC, and upto 20 bar qas quenching in Nitrogen, Argon or Helium. The kit concept enables customization, meeting any customers individual needs.

  • March 2009:

    ModulTherm “Super-Sized”;
    ALD Vacuum Technologies of Hanau, Germany in conjunction with ALD-Holcroft of Wixom, MI are introducing a new size of their trademarked vacuum heat treating system known as ModulTherm. ModulTherm will now be available to process load sizes of 36″x36″x72″ including a hearth capacity of up to 7,000 lbs. Until now, load sizes with the ModulTherm were limited to 24″w x 30″h x 40″L and hearth capacity maximum was available to 2200 lbs.

  • January 2009:

    ALD-Holcroft Experiences Unprecedented Growth;
    ALD-Holcroft has had a year of record growth mandating an office expansion beyond expectations. The newly constructed offices accommodate the growing staff and project base of the company.

    Square footage is several times larger than the original space ALD-Holcroft had occupied and should provide for the company well into the future. The new offices house Project Management, Software Engineering, Aftermarket Support and Executive Management.

    “A year ago, this office expansion could not have been anticipated. But the growth of ALD-Holcroft truly mandated this significant investment,” says Jason Sisler, ALD-Holcroft President.

  • October 2008:

    ALD-Holcroft awarded ModulTherm contract;
    ALD-Holcroft of Wixom, Michigan has been awarded a contract to provide a ModulTherm system to a Midwest based manufacturer.

    The completely automated system is configured to perform low pressure carburizing, as both 20 bar high pressure gas quenching and oil quenching. The HPGQ accommodates both nitrogen and helium and includes a helium recycling system. Configured with prewash, post wash and tempering, the system will be capable of processing completely heat treated loads in lights out fashion. Installation and commissioning is planned for completion in the third quarter of 2009.

    “This client’s confidentiality is paramount to us so no names will be mentioned. We’re pleased to have been chosen to supply this system. It represents a significant planning effort by our customer and takes advantage of all of our technologies” says Bill Gornicki, Vice President Sales and Marketing for ALD-Holcroft. “We’ve worked with this team for sometime in developing this highly flexible system that enables them to address their future needs”.

  • September 2008:

    ALD-Holcroft expands US based manufacturing;
    Demand for ModulTherm and DualTherm furnace systems in the NAFTA region has accelerated the evolution of ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Technologies of Wixom, Michigan. The company has expanded manufacturing capabilities to include the ModulTherm and DualTherm product lines.

    Within the group, systems on order total well in excess of 100 process chambers with a growing backlog. ALD-Holcroft has now officially expanded manufacturing operations to include the ModulTherm and DualTherm treatment chambers and quench chambers. Until this point, these system components (in their entirety) had been imported to the NAFTA region from ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH. In addition to these vacuum based components, ALD-Holcroft will continue to supply all ancillary equipment including pre-oxidation furnaces, temper furnaces, washers, external load handling systems, automation software, final installations and systems integrations from within the USA.

  • May 2008:

    Getrag has ordered 3 ModulTherm lines.
    Each ModulTherm line is equipped with 10 independent heat treatment chambers which are charged by a mobile transport module. The quenching is performed in a separate “cold chamber” mounted on transport module. While carburizing is done under low pressures in the mbar-range by using acetylene, the gas quenching is performed by using Helium with pressures up to 20 bar. An external transport system connects each ModulTherm- line with batch washing machine, pre-oxidation- and tempering furnaces and load buffer station thereby enabling continuous unmanned operation. A master control system maintains fully automatic control and monitors the entire heat treat process.

  • April 2008:

    ALD-Holcroft books two ModulTherm® orders.
    The first will be going to the drivetrain industry in Mexico in support of automotive transmissions. The second will be commissioned in the fuel systems industry destined for the Midwest US. Each will be installed and commissioned within 2013.

  • April 2008:

    Fiat Purchases 3 ModulTherm Systems;
    Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), a Fiat Group company has assigned ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, to deliver 3 complete ModulTherm heat treatment lines for the heat treatment of gear parts for their new C635 transmission, used on mid-sized cars. The furnace systems will be installed in FPT´s plant in Verrone, production start is planned in 2009. Once in full operation the systems are capable to heat treat up to 800.000 transmissions. (

  • March 2008:

    Announces Five Quench Options for ModulTherm Systems
    ALD-Holcroft now offers five quench options with its ModulTherm® vacuum-based heat treating systems. Users can specify high pressure gas quenching, reverse flow gas quenching, oil quenching, press quenching, and Intensive Quenching. These provisions significantly increase the processing flexibility of ModulTherm systems. ModulTherm systems dedicated to LPC/HPGQ employ a shuttle-mounted HPGQ chamber which can support up to 14 vacuum treatment chambers. To handle multiple heat treating tasks, the shuttle-mounted HPGQ chamber is replaced by a Heated Transfer Shuttle (HTS). The track-mounted HTS moves loads at carburizing or reduced temperatures from furnace treatment chambers to the appropriate, floor-mounted quench station. Loads can be transferred from atmosphere to vacuum in air, nitrogen, or other atmospheres. The HTS is designed to rotate 180º. This allows it to interface with multiple vacuum treatment chambers positioned on each side of the HTS rail system.

  • January 2008:

    ALD-Holcroft Expands ModulTherm Product Line
    ALD-Holcroft announces the expansion of the ModulTherm product line to now include possibilities of oil quenching, intensive quenching and/or press quenching in addition to the already well known High Pressure Gas Quenching. These options are possible as a result of the development of the HTS (Hot Transfer Shuttle), which moves loads from chamber to chamber under either a neutral gas environment or under vacuum (vacuum transfer) while always maintaining load temperature.

  • November 2007:

    ALD-Holcroft Names President & Vice President
    ALD-Holcroft Board of Directors has named Jason Sisler President of the company. Prior to being named President, Sisler was Vice President of Operations for ALD-Holcroft. As President, he will be responsible for building the company’s engineering and manufacturing operations in North America. The Board of Directors also announced that Bill Gornicki will be Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He previously was Sales Manager of the company.

  • September 2007:

    ALD-Holcroft Expands Staff
    ALD-Holcroft has expanded its decicated staff to include Bill Gomicki as Sales Manager — Vacuum Products with responsibility for countries within the NAFTA alliance. Principally the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Bill comes to ALD-Holcroft with a combined 17 years of Sales Management, Proposal Management and Project Management experience within the heat treat equipment industry. He is in the process of relocating to Wixom, Michigan.

  • June 2005:

    New Joint Venture Company
    ALD and AFC-Holcroft have joined their forces to set up a joint venture to manufacture, install and service ModulTherm, DualTherm and other related equipment in North America. The products in North America will be marketed under the name of “ALD-Holcroft.”

  • May 2004:

    General Motors Selects ModulTherm Technology
    After an exhaustive review of all available thermal processing technologies, General Motors Corporation has selected ALD’s ModulTherm vacuum carburizing furnace system with 20-bar helium gas quench as the heat treat technology for the GM/Ford joint engineered front-wheel-drive 6-speed automatic transmission..

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