SyncroTherm® Advantages

Cost Reductions

  • reduced cost of production
  • faster hardening synchronized with soft and hard machining centers
  • significantly reduced cycle times
  • total automation possibilities
  • simplified logistics
  • maximum availability
  • reduced or eliminated hard machining due to minimal part distortion
  • compact and space saving heat treatment system

Quality Improvements

  • individual, part specific processes for each part number
  • significantly reduced part distortion
  • complete, traceable quality documentation for each load
  • high reproducibility easy process control
  • machine tool control type operation
  • clean and shiny part surfaces

Environmental Benefits

  • extremely low emission technology; no CO2 emissions
  • safe, ergonomic operation in the manufacturing work environment
  • High Pressure Gas Quenching; no disposal of oils or washing liquids
  • low consumptions of electrical energy and process gases
  • high energy efficiency due to low thermal losses
  • on demand system operation
  • low noise emission (<75 dB)

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