NitroTherm® Active Screen Plasma Nitriders

Active Screen Plasma Nitriders (ASPN)

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Nitriding Technology Made in Luxembourg:

Plasma Metal S.A. was founded in 1984 in Luxembourg.  Plasma Metal S.A. is since a synonym for innovation and new technologies.  Plasma Metal is the inventor of the novel and patented “Active Screen Plasma Nitriding Technology” (ASPN) which is becoming more and more popular for plasma based nitriding.

With the Active Screen, the parts to be Nitrided are no longer directly exposed to the plasma.

In typical plasma furnaces, the hot wall improves the heat up procedure.  Unfortunately, most difficulties inherent to the process remain, such as hollow cathodes, local overheating or electric arc damages to the surface of the parts.

The development of pulse power generators with very short electric pulses (i.e. one microsecond), reduced electric arcing damage and improved temperature uniformity.

Unfortunately all of these methods have a common denominator, namely the parts remain directly exposed to the plasma.

The “Active Screen” technology however, has BOTH the advantages of cold wall and the hot wall technology and a unique trump card which distinguishes this technology from all of the others known to date.

Respect the Environment!

The ASPN equipment is environmentally friendly and does no harm to nature.  No toxic salts or gases, no ammonia is used.

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