Helium Recycling

Quench Gas Recycling


Considering the high price of helium and its’ rarity, it is financially unrealistic and environmentally irresponsible to simply vent it to atmosphere at the completion of a quench cycle. Fortunately, Helium is one of the easier gases to reclaim after use.

A key to ALD Vacuum Systems quenching technology is our patented helium recycling system. It makes the use of Helium as a quench media not only possible but cost effective, by reclaiming 99.5% per quench.

The recycling takes place in conjunction with the balance of the heat treating system making certain the gas is ready for quench when necessary. This becomes invisible to the operator since it is tied to the furnace control system. It couldn’t be simpler.

The reclaimation system is compatible with our MonoTherm®, DualTherm® and ModulTherm® furnace systems.

YES! We can also recycle Argon; 99.5% per quench and if you’re located in Mexico, a good case can be made to recycle Nitrogen too.

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